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About Us - How we work


The Zamapres srl manufactures castings for over 40 years . Pressafusione foundry alloy ZAMA is able to proceed to realize an analysis of the particular project and construction mold.
The synergy between the foundry and die maker allows you to optimize the process for the realization of any kind of special .
the high professionalism and experience at the service of its customers make the cast are more precise and optimized both in terms of size , mass and aesthetics.
careful planning and knowledge gained in recent years allow us to support and meet the needs of our customers. We can print details that range from a few grams to 2.5 kilograms.

The technology of die-cast zinc alloy ( ZL0410 EN1774 ) is optimized by the use of more and more innovative systems and all ' teaches environmental sustainability.
our systems are connected to equipment that can produce parts in a vacuum. Die and be free from gas porosity that can reach the minimum thickness .

Many achievements are gained from research and co-design between customer and foundry mold maker : great mix to ensure overcoming the crisis and the ' exaltation of the model to pursue. Our know -how is made available to anyone who wants to achieve a particular zama : car parts , components and accessories for furniture, handles and handles , taps , bathroom furniture, shower hinges , valves, pneumatic fittings and furniture, lighting , locks , ornaments objects , funerary art , fashion accessories and much more ... more !

We can provide parts with different surface finishes through various galvanic treatment: zinc plated, nickel-plated and rough sanded and varnished or just vibrated.

The parts can be machined, assembled, packaged internally chasing the target in a global economy increasingly dynamic and compared.

We use prime quality raw material Zamak all certified and tested meets the UNI EN 10204 and the 2005 UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17050-1-2 2005. Carefully stored and used.

We guarantee quality and professionalism to all our clients and we render services for a speedy service in response to the needs of all.

our added value is to be anchored in tradition but have the technology innovation that drives us! 

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